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Southern Mantis is totally unrelated to Northern Mantis and is more closely related to Southern Dragon Kung Fu and Bak Mei Kung fu. It is a short range style with fast and deadly strikes. It primarily combines various trapping and fast vital point striking techniqes to destroy opponents quickely and with precision. Even though the style focuses primarily on hand techniques it also features a other techniques including grappling, low kicking, snatching and throwing. All techniques applied in southern Mantis promote a strong rooted stance to prevent the practitioner from going off balance. 

This book displays various key techniques, theories, and aplications to the fundamentals of Southern Praying Mantis. This is the 1st book/dvd in a series of book/dvds that teach southern mantis . The dvd is a nice touch and makes learning even easier.

If you follow the dvd the book will make more sense and also be easier to follow. The book itself has various photos, drawings, and otehr graphics accompanied by easy to understand explinations.

This book details the entire Eighteen Buddha Hand techniques. This includes 9 defensive, 9 offensive, color illustrated photos with instructions and application It also includes vital point targeting methods and fighting strategies and tactics.

Specifically you will find information on body posture, footwork, Rooting, shuffle stypping, kicks, tackdowns, grappling, elbow strikes, contact control striking, intercepting attacks and sticky hand tehcniques, bridging, anticipating and telegraphing, and vital point striking techniques.

This book is unique because it provides internet links inside the book to view online videos that follow the instructions provided in the book. You will find the 60 postures of the Som Bo Gin (Three Steps Forward) form which is a two man southern mantis fighting routine from Lam Sang's Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Praying Mantis. 

In this book you will find solo training techniques and 2 man training techniques. You will learn about whole body power, theHakka Mantis posture, basic footwork and Deep roots iron steps, how to use momentum and bridge distance. You will also find various striking skills and applications out of Som Bo Gin two man.

Southern Mantis is has five main branches: Chow Gar, Chu Gar, Kwong Sai Jook Lum, Iron Ox, and K. S. Hsiung Thong Long Quet Tsot. It is clear all the branches share a common ancestor, however there is not agreed upon single originator of the style that is known publically. It has been said that Southern Mantis was actually a secret fighting style that changed its name to Southern Mantis to hide the origin of the style during a time when certain martial arts where outlawed in China.