Below you can find a description and a history describing Shaolin Long Fist kung fu. Below that you can find's top three choices for Shaolin Long Fist kung fu books. We base all our reviews on the value of the content the book offers. We only choose our top picks after careful and meticulous  research. More information about how we choose our top picks can be found here

Long Fist fighting range is naturally long, however that is not to say it doesn't have mid range and short range techniques as well. Long Fist today is most well known for displaying many mesmerizing techniques that often display a great deal of physical strength. Long fist is a common foundational style for other northern styles. It is not uncommon for other northern style kung fu teachers to teach long fist basics before teaching their specific art. Techniques include whirling, running, leaping, acrobatics, high flexibility, an arsenal of kicks, striking techniques, various weapon techniques and Iron Palm training.

This book was chosen as our first pick because it is packed with consistent and value-able information. This isn't just a study guide for long fist. It is also a great reference book for anyone who practices a northern kung fu style. Many basic stances and techniques you find in other northern styles can be found in this book.

The Emperor of the Song Dynasty (960–1279), Emperor Taizu is said to be the creator of the core of the Long Fist(Chángquán) style. His family was one with a long military history. Due to his position he was able to train and master several combat styles used for war at the time. It is also widely believed that his style was heavily influenced by Shaolin wushu of the time. The style was passed down and then changed by The New People’s Republic of China do display exciting techniques for foreigners. However, teachers of the true long fist can still be found today.

This book is a presentation of 3 long fist forms. The forms are in the form of very clear drawings.  Solid lines are used for the left side and dotted lines are used for the right side on the body. This makes them extremely easy to follow, particularly for beginers which is why this book made our list. 

This book is not directly about long fist, however it made our list because of the history and insight it provides into how long fist effected other styles. More specifically this book talks about many various internal martial arts and their relation to long fist.

This book is dives into the mystery surrounding Bagua Zhang, Taiji Quan, and Xing/Xin Yi Quan internal arts and how long fist effected and was effected by them. It is well known long fist and Shaolin styles in particular require great physical strength and health to preform correctly. This book helps reveal some of the real secrets behind these techniques.

This book covers the basics thoroughly and also breifly talks about the more advanced technqiues. Each photo sequence has full and easy to understand explinations of the movements. Specifically you will find four long fist forms, the ten fundamental stances, various movement techniques, and sandbag hand/leg strikes. 

On the down side this book does not offer applications or training methods. However, if you are looking to get into long fist and need a forms reference book, then this is a good book to grab.