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There are several stories about the creation of Northern Mantis. However, the most credted legend states a monk named Wang Lang created the style after he could not defeat his elder kung fu brother. After this 17 masters from other kung fu styles visited Shaolin temple and the Abbot recorded all their techniques. Wang Lang learned all these techniques and combined them into one. Afterwards his elder brother went on a trip and while he was gone Wang Lang studied a mantis he found and copied it's techniques. Wang Lang combined these techniques with 17 other martial arts to create northern praying mantis. It is said when his elder kung fu brother returned he was no longer able to defeat Wang Lang. 

This book is written by Sifu Paul Eng. He has studied Chinese Martial Arts for over 35 years. He has an entire series of Northern Mantis books and this is the first in the series. So while this book is not itself a complete collection, it is a part of bigger collection.

Specifically you will find an overview of Northern Mantis training techniques and the Mantis Spear Hand form. It uses photo sequences and easy to understand descriptions to deminstrate the techniques.

Northern Mantis traditionally was a longer art however as it evolved it became a style that fights from all ranges. It is a fast and ruthless style centered on destroying your opponent completely. Techniques revolve around snatching your opponent and constant attacking. Every move including blocks are a form of attack in northern mantis. Techniques include striking, kicking, grapling, trapping, snatching, throwing and various weapon techniques. Various lineages exist today and vary in movements and techniques.

This book shows and explains various fighting methods, terms, and theories surrounding Northern 7-star Mantis. It show and explains the basics in an easy to follow manner. This book also addresses the many different lineages and variations of Northern Mantis Kung Fu. 

This book has photos that display the techniques in an easy to follow manner. If it has any downfall it is the poor english translation of description of techniques. This doesn't make it harder to follow, however at times there are noticable english gramatical errors.

This book comes from the 7-Star Praying Mantis Chiu Cheung Leun Sect. It has a major part of the form Four Roads Swift Striking (Sei Lou Bung Da). This is the first book in it's series and a great place to start.

In this book you will find a history of 7 Star Praying Mantis in the introduction. It has easy to follow photo sequences to various techniques. This is a great book for people looking to get into mantis or kung fu in general because explinations are almost to simple.