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Mind and strategy combat in itself is not a "discipline" in the same way that other "martial arts" styles are. However, all fighting whether it be 1v1 or on larger scale involving mass numbers of people, require some form or another of mind and stragey combat. Just to name a few, attributes to mind and stragey based combat would be things likes: planning, tactics, timing, using strengths/weaknesses to your advantage, and making use of the environment. 

This book was written by Sun Tzu over two thousand years ago and serves as a means to conquering your opponent. This book is still studied today by even the most practiced military commanders and martial artists. 

This book lays out various methods to attaining victory in various confrontations. It stresses the use of deception as the means to all victory. However, it should also be noted that Sun Tzu is clearly against war and confrontation to begin with. It teaches that the best strategy is to win without and before conflict. However, if you must engadge in battle then crush your enemy completely. 


Mind and strategy combat is probably the oldest form of combat outside of the instinctual mentality of non-rational creators. Man kind has been engadging in mind and stragey based combat not just against one another but also against any obstacle that presents itself. It is safe to say that from the moment the human being has a rational thought on how to achieve something, they are effectively engadging in mind/strategy combat. In the instance of actual combat between people there are methods that have proven more valuable then others. Famous examples of mind and stategy combat experts recognized by society would be Sun Tzu, Nicolo Machiavelli, and Musashi Miyamoto. Countless other great books of mind/strategy combat have come about because of these 3 people and their original works.

This book was written Musashi, who is said to be an undefeated samurai. Even today his legend is portrayed in various works of fiction as Musashi being an undefeatable hero. This book is his manifesto on winning confrontations, as well as swordsmanship and other strategies.

Specifically you will find methods on how to: defeat an oponent, throw them off guard, create confusion, and various other methods to tip the scails of victory in your favor. Musashi understood that any form of combat starts with the mind and went into every fight only after applying his princibles.

This book is written by Nicolo Machiavelli, and unlike Art of War and The Book of Five Rings, The prince focuses on how to maintime a position of power after you attain it. It stresses ruler through fear as a consistent means to maintaining power.

This book has been studied through out history by various rulers and nations and has proven time and time again that the princibles presented in this book hold weight. A must for anyone looking to maintain their position in any fashion.