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Modern day Mixed martial arts (MMA) is known by all to be a 1v1 full body contact fighting sport that allows fighters from all types of background to compete against each other. The rules allow striking, grapling, wrestling, and kicking. Various techniques are banned from the sport including but not limited to head butting, groin attacks, and eye jabbing. A fighter attains victory via knockout, submission, technical knockout, doctor stoppage/cut, corner stoppage, retirement, decision, forfeit, disqualification, no contest, and technical decision. 

This book is a great choice for beginners. It gives insight into what MMA is about for anyone new to the sport. Everyone has to start somewhere and any information about getting into MMA fighting as a sport can be found in this book.

The idea of a "mixed martial art" is not a modern idea. Almost every fighting style ever created originated by combining other fighting styles techniques and changing them to be more effective. However, the term mixed martial arts in modern day describes the popularized sport.The name mixed martial arts first appeared when it was said by Howard Rosenberg, in 1993, in a review of UFC 1. Today there are hundreds of MMA events all around the world and it has even been claimed by UFC commentator Joe Rogan that the sport of fighting has evolved more in the 10 years following 1993 then the previous 700 years.

Specifically this book covers reasons to fight, the benifits training has on the body, a history of the sport, as well as various training methods to get you started. It also gives you a good idea of the disciplines you should study to do well in the sport. 

If you are serious about competing in UFC style competitions then this book is a must have. Anyone looking to learn hardcore workouts that build real strength, or looking for the basics on how to defend yourself. This book is easy to understand and follow when doing workouts or training.

What you'll find in this book is: what mma is, where to train, how to know your instructor is legitimate, proper training equipment and environment, what to expect in your mma classes, sparing types, and various other basic mma techniques you should know.

This book is a great choice for serious MMA fighters. It reveals various training secrets for grappling submissions, Jiu Jitsum and Judo techniques that have been used by MMA World Champions. This book has 750 color photos displaying workout and training methods that are easy to follow along with.

In this book you will find all you need to know about: weight cutting tips, nutrition, how to deal with injuries.  
how stay in the best frame of mind to compete, and an excellent 8 week workout plan.