Below you can find a description and a history describing Eagle Claw kung fu. Below that you can find's top three choices for Eagle Claw kung fu books. We base all our reviews on the value of the content the book offers. We only choose our top picks after careful and meticulous research. More information about how we choose our top picks can be found here

Eagle Claw is a short range and trapping based style. It focuses primarily on grabs, takedowns, locks, trapping, and various other gripping techniques. These techniques are designed for trapping and siezing your opponent then destroying them with pressure point strikes, locks, or takedowns. However, unlike the original Eagle Claw system, most more modern systems have incorporated leg kicks and leg attacks.

This book is written by Leung Shum, a highly respected master of Eagle Claw. His name attached to this book gives it signifigent weight.This book show detailed pictures showing various techniques. The pictures are accompanied by good explinations on how to apply these techniques in actual appliction. 

General Ngok Fei (also called General Yue Fei) is said to be the creator of the Eagle Claw System. It is said he lived during the time of the Song Dynasty. He trained his soldiers in the eagle claw system and eventually a Shaolin monk named Lai Chin learned the style. It was again practiced by Toa Jai who was a member of the Ming royal family when the Ming dynasty gave way to the Ching dynasty. Toa Jai practiced in secret as and become a Shaolin monk where he passed the style down to Far Shing, who in turn passed it down to Lau Shu. Most current Eagle Claw lineage's trace back to the Lau family through one of three familys: Qiwen(Lau Kai Man), Chen Zizheng(Chan Tzi Ching), and Zhang Zhan Wen(Chian Jin Man).


This book is written to be easy to understand and you find hundreds photos that depict the techniques accurately. You will learn bone-locking, joint-twisting, and flesh-ripping techniques that give Eagle Claw its vicious reputation.

This book was also produced by Leung Shum. This book is the earlier version of another book but it makes our list because it contains a special form called golden Buddha Fist Eagle Claw. This form is presented with a detailed and easy to understand step by step explanation of the form.

This book also features various examples and applications to applying all types of Eagle Claw techniques. More then anything this is an older and rare text. It is highly value'd and would be a good purchase for the dedicated Eagle Claw practicioner or the kung fu book enthusiast who is interested in expanding their collection of rare texts.

This book  will teach you the fundation of the system in great detail. You will find all the basic methods of training in the Eagle Claw style in this book. You will also find various easy to understand fighting applications. The form called Ten Roads Xing Quan said to be created by the Chen Zi Zheng(one of the original 3 familys founders) is also presented in this book and this form is one of the most important forms in the Eagle Claw system. 

This book is written be Shifu Panagiotis Derventis. He is a disciple of Guo Xian He who is called the Grandmaster of the eagle. Guo Xian is one of the last of the old generations of great teachers who teaches a purely traditional Eagle Claw System. What you get with this book is as pure and traditional as they come.