Below you can find a description and a history describing Drunken kung fu. Below that you can find's top three choices for Drunken kung fu books. We base all our reviews on the value of the content the book offers. We only choose our top picks after careful and meticulous  research. More information about how we choose our top picks can be found here

The Drunken style has a long history with two popular legends origin one of Buddhist and another of Taoist conception. The Buddhist origin legend comes from the the time of the Song dynasty (960-1279) martial artist Liu Qizan. He killed a man in a duel and went to Shaolin temple to repent. He became a monk but he did not lose his love of wine. Brother monks caught him drunken and he defeated a number of them with his drunken unorthodox techniques. Afterwards he refined his technique into the style we know as Drunken. Afterwards he returned to Shaolin and passed down his technique. The Taoist legend of origin is about 8 immortals who got drunk at a party and then beat all the guards  at the party with their drunken kung fu. One of the immortals Zhog Li Quan then passed down his techniques to a taoist.

This book is written Professor Leung Ting is the founder of the Leung Ting WingTsun system, permanent president and 10th level Master of Comprehension (MOC) of the International Wingtsun Association. He is an incredibly credible person in the world of kung fu. That fact alone boosts this books value dramatically. 

This book presents a form for Eight Immortals Drunken Boxing via pictures with easy to understand descriptions. It includes applications for selected moves taken from the form presented. Like many other legitiment kung fu books, this books emphasizes proper footwork and does a great job at displayinf how to accomplish that.

This book is 200+ pages and based upon Eight Drunken Immortals style of drunken martial arts. More specifically this book goes into the internal aspects of drunken qi gong(internal breathing techniques), drunken yoga and each of the 8 drunken immortal’s respective energies as well as what they work best for. 

This book is good for understanding methods and applications for actually using the Eight Drunken Immortals style is practical fighting situations. 

This book is also written by Professor Leung Ting. We chose this book despite it being about a seperate drunken style then the Eight Drunken Immortals style represented in our first 2 top picks because it is an excelent representation of how styles incorporate the drunken element into their systems. 

This book is based on the drunken monkey technique. In this book you will find the drunken monkey form shown in a photo sequence, accompanied by easy to understand descriptions. Applications to how to use the form are also explained and demonstrated and accompanied by easy to understand descriptions. 

The Drunken style is an agile and loose appearing style. However, despite some of the akward positions of the drunken style, all movements if done properly should contain alot of power. Drunken practitioners need to be able to fall and recover without injury. The syle requires a strong foundation, with good footwork, and alot of practice to be able to successfully use the techniques in a real life altercation. For theatrical reasons the drunken style is a favorite for preforming forms. Many other styles incorporate the drunken techniques into their own with a drunken form, often learned by students at higher levels.